Talent Solutions’ APIs help enable expanded data connections for background screeners and employers looking to perform pre-employment verifications and talent management tasks. These services help allow for individual reports or bundled delivery reports to provide more holistic candidate views. 

Here you’ll find a guided environment for creation, deployment and API consumption for available Talent Solutions’ APIs.

API Categories - First Header
API Categories - Second Header

Talent Report Dates of Attendance

Postsecondary Dates of Attendance

Provides an instant verification of a candidate’s dates of attendance for postsecondary education

Talent Report Employment Staffing

Recent Employment History

Provides employer name, job title, original start and end date for the 2 most recent employers

Talent Report ID

Candidate ID/Address Verification

Helps validate a candidate’s identity and uncover key data for use in criminal history searches

Talent Report Express

Bundled Employment Verification

Provides employment, education and identity in a bundled delivery solution

Talent Report Employment Select All

All Available Employment History

Provides a verification of employment for all available candidate history on The Work Number®

Talent Report Education

Postsecondary Degree Verification

Verify all available postsecondary degrees instantly sourced from National Student Clearinghouse®