Provides a verification of employment through the last 3 years per SSN

Looking to improve your quality of hire and deliver a more efficient hiring process? Talent Report™ Employment Select 3 leverages verified employment data from The Work Number® to help you validate a candidate’s employment history. This enhanced offering, combined with Social Security Number (SSN) search functionality, helps deliver a more efficient hiring process and the ability to make better informed hiring decisions with more holistic candidate views.
Make Better Informed Hiring decisions

SSN search functionality provides a better holistic candidate view for helping to make more informed hiring decisions

Receive Greater Transparency

Fulfillment-based pricing helps make it easier to better manage costs incurred when verifying employment history

Better Detect Inconsistencies

Identify omissions or inconsistencies in self-reported candidate information

Key Features
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      Leverages verified employment data from more than 2.5 million employer contributors and over 573 million total records on The Work Number

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      Offers a more streamlined ordering experience using a candidate’s Social Security Number (SSN)

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      Provides instant 24/7 report access to verified employment data

Use Cases
Talent Report Employment Select 3 is for businesses that want to:
  • Verify a candidate’s employment history through the last 3 years.

  • Deliver a more efficient hiring process.

  • Improve quality of hire.

  • Receive greater pricing transparency

Talent Report Employment Select 3 is used for:
  • Background Screeners: Employment history verification

  • Employers: Employment history verification

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