Bundled solution providing both employment and student enrollment data for the hourly workforce

Talent Report Hourly is the first in the market to provide employment and student enrollment data for the hourly workforce. This innovative, bundled solution leverages verified employment data from The Work Number and student enrollment data sourced from National Student Clearinghouse. Employers receive a candidate’s previous 3 years of limited employment history including employer name, employment status, and tenure plus a candidate’s student enrollment status and school name for the previous 6 months.
Improve Retention

Receive better visibility of tenure with past employers for making more informed hiring decisions

Visibility of Multiple Jobs

Gain greater awareness of all active roles to better support scheduling needs

Confirms Student Enrollment

Builds awareness of  ongoing education and skill development


Key Features
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      Leverages verified employment data from more than 2.5 million employer contributors and over 573 million total records on The Work Number

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      Provides student enrollment data instantly sourced from National Student Clearinghouse covering more than 99% of postsecondary students

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      Offers a more streamlined ordering experience using a candidate’s Social Security Number (SSN)

Use Cases
Talent Report Hourly is for businesses that want to:
  • Verify an hourly worker’s employment history

  • Confirm an hourly worker’s student enrollment status

  • Improve retention and lower turnover

Talent Report Hourly is used for:
  • Background Screeners: Verifying an hourly candidate’s employment history and student enrollment status

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