Close More Sales Now – with PowerLead Check™

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Automotive service providers need a way to improve the lead generation solutions they provide dealerships, OEMs, and auto shopping sites

The vast majority of vehicle shoppers are doing their research online. It’s critical to know who these consumers are, and move them into the dealership. What if there were a way to convert online shoppers into hot leads interested in a specific make and model vehicle? What if you could help verify the identity and credit range of the online shoppers that visit your customers websites? Now you can! With PowerLead Check™, 3rd party service providers can empower dealerships and OEM’s to help:

■ Convert website traffic into a stream of highly qualified leads

■ Improve the ROI from website traffic by converting website visitors into dealership leads

■ Disclose to consumers that they can meet minimum credit requirements for auto financing

Close More Sales Now – with PowerLead Check™

Dealerships are looking to drive better leads from their websites, and convert them into showroom floor traffic. Dealerships do not know which consumers are on their website, and are unable to personalize the best offer or terms to get the customer into the showroom. You need a tool that draws consumers into the sales funnel, and keeps them engaged, while providing dealerships high quality leads. PowerLead Check™ enables auto service providers to convert consumers from unknown dealer website traffic to identity-verified shoppers by providing the consumer with estimated payment information based on credit information at no charge to them. With consumer consent, the service provider can deliver the consumer’s credit score range, along with the consumer lead information, to their dealers. Dealers will receive the following information about the consumer:

■ Name

■ Phone Number

■ Address

■ Consumer credit score range (with additional consumer consent)

■ Email

When consumer clicks GO*,

1. Consumer consents to have credit accessed

2. Consumer identity is authenticated

3. Dealership will get the consumer lead information


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