Verify identity of credit or service applicants instantly

<p>The Work Number® ID (TWN ID) verifies that the applicant-provided Name and SSN match. By doing so, TWN ID helps mitigate the expense of manual review. Customers use TWN ID during the application process to make prompt, more informed decisions.</p>
Mitigates Manual Review

Enables the ability to quickly and confidently mitigate the expense of identity review.

Up-To-Date Data

The Work Number database of employer-provided income and employment data is refreshed with every payroll.

Real-Time Responses

Facilitates responses – in real-time – to verify identity, effectively manage credit applications, and help capture deals that might otherwise be lost.

Key Features
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      Verify a consumer’s identity

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      Provides data that has been previously validated by a contributing employer

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      Match, No-Match, and No-Hit response options

Use Cases
The Work Number ID is for businesses that want:
  • A way to automate the manual credit application review process for verifying a consumer.
  • To make prompt, more informed decisions during account opening process / credit application.
  • A way to verify a consumer’s identity as part of the consumer-initiated credit application process.

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