Combine your consumer analytics with our wealth, economic and credit insights for more informed decisioning

<p>Wallet Insights™ provides Equifax data product results in real time, allowing you to apply useful financial and economic insights to individual customers and prospects as they interact with your firm and to improve decision making and customer acquisition efforts.</p>
Interactive, web-based platform

Empowers companies with the information they need to make decisions and grow their businesses.

Offers real-time access

Gain relevant consumer and market-level financial insights to address business challenges.

Drive rapid changes to your field teams

Now make decisions based on configured client-specific rules in real time. You can make the appropriate offer to your prospect based on their profile at a point of sale.

Added opportunity to cross-sell

Helps clients to identify their customer base with certain socioeconomic criteria. This would open the door to cross sell the customer with additional services.

Key Features
    • circled-check

      Returns measures instantly at point of sale

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      Measures are returned based off of Address and/or Name inputs

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      Returns most up-to-date measures

Use Cases
Wallet Insights is for businesses that need to:
  • Get instant feedback at the point of sale.

  • Maximize the potential of customer visits and conversions.

  • More effectively target customers with opportunities for cross-sell that are more relevant to them.

Types of businesses and industries that use Wallet Insights include:
  • Automotive

  • Mortgage and Real Estate

  • Banking & Lending

  • Restaurants & Retail

  • Utilities & Telecom

  • Travel & Leisure

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