Streamlined exchange of consumer employment and income information

<p>Verification Exchange™, a database of instantly available income and employment verifications, is Equifax’s solution for the Canadian marketplace that provides the verification of personal income and employment information needed to approve an application for credit or an offer of new employment. Verification Exchange provides an API to enable Verifier clients to submit a consumer inquiry (with applicable consumer consent) and receive instant results.</p>
Improve Security and Efficiency

Delivers on-demand verification information while protecting the consumer's identity through encrypted delivery.

Reduce Liability and Risk

Requires consumer consent and tracks each query to help maintain compliance and reduce liability risk.

Decrease Fulfillment Process Workload

Automates and streamlines the verification process by delivery results in seconds with minimal input.

Key Features
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      The Exchange database supports verifiers for several industries including mortgage, auto, government, credit issuers, employment and more.

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      The employment and income solution leverages the best practices established through Verification Exchange™.

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      Automates the compliance requirement for identifying purpose and consumer consent as part of the process flow.

Use Cases
Verification Exchange is for:
  • Employees who need verification of their employment and income when making purchases - such as home or car
  • Employers to verify a job candidate's income and employment history
  • Verifiers required to meet compliance standards and tracking information for audits

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