Verification of Employment and Income - a premier service provider

We have the coverage you need to easily keep your process moving forward. Equifax is committed to providing you with the most complete and efficient verification coverage available. When a verification of employment or income (VOE/I) information is not instantly available through The Work Number®, you can seamlessly waterfall to our manual verification solutions.
Emerging technology and automation

We have the capability to connect with an employer’s authorized representative and complete multiple orders in a single contact.

Quick and consistent results

Our U.S.-based team delivers fast results and follows standard processes to ensure maximum performance.

Be confident in the results

We request employment information for each order and later provide a report on how we completed the verification.

Key Features
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      BYPASS “MANUAL” PROCESSES. Digital capabilities eliminate the need to always call employers.

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      TIME-SAVING AUTOMATION. Millions of employers are contacted utilizing automation for faster processing.

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      BREAKOUT TECHNOLOGY. Automation to complete multiple orders in a single contact.

Use Cases
Verification of Employment and Income is for businesses who want to
  • Gather data, such as information between payroll cycles or payment breakdowns, from confirmed sources. Our suite of verification products is designed to deliver market-leading turnaround times for lenders and other verifiers.
  • In providing our Network Verification Services, we act as an agent of the verifier and efficiently contact employers to request verifications needed to move your business and work forward.

Verification of Employment and Income is for
  • Mortgage
  • Auto
  • Credit Card
  • Employment Verification Solutions
  • Consumer Credit

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