Provides visibility into the authenticity and legitimacy of a consumer’s identity

<p>State Issued ID Trust provides real-time validation of consumer-presented PII against the issuing source. It helps provide better visibility into the authenticity and legitimacy of a consumer’s identity. It enables businesses and other entities to make better-informed decisions about business transactions with customers.</p>
Minimizes Risk

By verifying a consumer’s PII on state issued identification documents, businesses have more confidence that a consumer is legitimate and poses less risk than a consumer with unsubstantiated identification data.

Streamlines Verification Procedures

The information submitted by a consumer is confirmed in seconds by the issuing authority, reducing manual processes that have historically lengthened the verification process and caused friction among consumers.

Improves Reliability

Automating verification of consumer-provided identification removes human errors related to data entry and ensures consumer data is protected, thereby minimizing security concerns and augmenting the overall consumer experience.

Improves Accuracy

Further confirms consumer-submitted PII matches states’ data

Key Features
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      Verifies consumers Driver’s Licenses, Driver’s Permits and State Issued Photo IDs by assessing authenticity of consumer-provided data with data from administering entities.

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      Validates PII submitted by consumer, using minimal required fields of Issuing State and ID Number.

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      Provides real-time responses with field-level validation. U.S territories are not supported.

Use Cases
State Issued ID Trust is for businesses that want to:
  • Validate DL as authentic based on issuing source
  • Bypass manual reviews & paperwork in consumer identification
  • Expedite verification of consumer-provided data with real-time responses
  • Increase efficiency and trust in a consumer’s identity via a streamlined, automated process
  • Ensure safety of consumer data by limiting human error/handling of sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Implement passive verification techniques without disrupting the consumer experience
  • Real-time API


State Issued ID Trust is used for:
  • Government agency authorization of benefits & services, satisfying NIST compliance level of assurance
  • Mortgage applications
  • Auto lease or loan applications
  • Insurance applications for medical or property coverage
  • Retail purchases &  applicationsc
  • Document Verification users that want further validation for state issued IDs (optional secondary check) - together providing further confirmation & reducing fraud


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