Empower consumers visibility to transactions in the speciality finance market

Specialty Finance Monitor and Block leverages transactional data from financial and non-credit based lenders so customers can monitor transactions among non-traditional lenders.Consumers can block transactional activity to avoid fraud.
Minimize Risk & Fraud

Consumers can Block their SSN from future specialty finance transactions

Provide non-traditional transactional insight

Get access to non-traditional transaction data not seen by tri-bureaus

Key Features
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      Deeper protections against fraudulent activities.

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      Ability to block/unblock speciality finance transactions at will.

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      Help protect consumers from identity theft and credit fraud by capturing transactions outside the traditional credit space.

Use Cases
Speciality Finance Monitor & Block enables you to:
  • Integrate more data into your solution to provide consumers with a more comprehensive view of activity they’re hoping to see — transactions related to their credit, finances, and identity.
  • Alert customers to specialty finance transactions in near real time

Speciality Finance Monitor & Block is for business partners, such as:
  • Financial Institutions
  • Fintech Companies
  • Financial Service Provides

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