Social Security Verification Services from Equifax - a premier service provider

Use our Social Security Number (SSN) Verification solution to instantly match a name, birth date, and SSN directly with the Social Security Administration. We have the coverage you need to easily keep your process moving forward. Equifax is committed to providing you with the most complete and efficient verification coverage available.
ImproveHiring (3)
Reduce intrusive authentication

Reduce intrusive authentication methods that may frustrate applicants.

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24/7/365 Access

Submit SSN verification requests at any time, for information when you need it.

Peace of Mind

Ensure you get the information for the right individual to help make important decisions.

Key Features
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      Immediately match a name, date of birth, and SSN directly with the Social Security Administration using an SSA-89 consent form.

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      Determine if an SSN is associated with a deceased individual.

Use Cases
Social Security Verification Services is for businesses who want to:
  • Network Verification Services Social Security Verification Solution helps verifiers ensure a potential borrower is who they say they are which lowers risks concerning identity theft.
  • Use our Social Security Verification solution to match a name, birth date and social security number for your applicant with the Social Security Administration.  Social Security Verification Services are not consumer reports and may not be used in a way to characterize them as consumer reports.

Social Security Verification Services is for:
  • Banking and lending industry verifiers that want to confirm identity through a check of whether certain data matches data maintained by the SSA. It also checks if the applicant’s SSN appears on the Death Master.

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