Adds an additional layer of security for mobile transactions by integrating multi-factor authentication

<p>Secure MFA ensures an end-user is who they say they are by combining multiple pieces of evidence to assess identity. Secure MFA provides added security by improving confidence for digital interactions with consumers.</p>
Strengthens Security

An added security mechanism to improve confidence that the person with possession or access of the mobile device or channel has proper verification and association for use.

Reduces Vulnerability of Attacks

Linking a consumer’s identity to the channel reduces the vulnerability of an interception or attack by fraudsters, helping to mitigate fraud.

Improves Consumer Experience

Eliminates the tedious process of entering a manual passcode and fat fingering data entry to provide a quick and positive experience for a consumer.

Key Features
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      Offers a one-click, enhanced experience for the consumer, removing the need for data entry

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      Provides options for consumers to select their choice (email or mobile device) or preference for added security

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      Enables a correlation between the status of the verification and the risk level of the channel

Use Cases
Secure MFA is for businesses that want to:
  • Conduct a stronger real-time verification process using a dynamic hyperlink.

  • Provide an enhanced consumer experience by moving away from traditional passcodes.

  • Confirm that the consumer engaging with the application is in possession of the device associated with the phone number or has access to the email address adding additional confidence that the consumer is legitimately who they claim to be.

  • Enhance fraud mitigation efforts with a solution that can be paired with other identity solutions.

Secure MFA is for:
  • Auto: single use offers, account openings, account access for auto loans.

  • Financial Services: account openings, account access for account balances.

  • Government & Healthcare: account openings, account access, account/record permission for personal data.

  • Insurance: single use offers, account openings, account access for coverage.

  • Retailers: single use offers, account openings, account access for online shopping.

  • Rental/Property Management: single use offers, account openings, account access for new services.

  • Telecommunication & Digital Media: account openings, account access for new services.


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