Confirm property ownership for better portfolio prioritization

<p>By providing an automated source of property verification, Equifax offers clients an efficient method to confirm property ownership and help improve internal processes with a fuller understanding of the property a consumer owns.</p>
Instant Access to Tax Data

Get instant access to public record tax data obtained from third party sources to verify property ownership

Detect Potential Fraud

Includes certain consumer information that can be used to help detect possible or known identity theft and application fraud

Address Confirmation

Confirm current and former addresses

Key Features
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      Uses county-level property tax data which includes Noncommercial residential coverage on over 99.9% of the U.S. population from more than 3,100 counties.

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      Property Verification report includes: Name on Deed, Property Use of land, Property Address, Date of Transaction, Price on Transaction, Transaction Type, and Parcel Number.

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      Consumer Identity Module includes: Name and Known Aliases (Former Names); Address and Former Address (including the county); The date the address was first and last reported; SSN Validated indicator, which State Issued the SSN and Identity Scan Alerts.

Use Cases
Property Verification is for:
  • Insurance - can be used to help determine ownership of the property in evaluating issuance of a homeowner’s policy or to help identify if a consumer would qualify for additional combined benefits such as home or auto insurance if offered by the insurance carrier.

  • Debt Management - having insight into whether someone owns a property can help in effectively prioritizing your portfolio.

The Property Verification report is approved for the following:
  • Auto

  • Credit Card

  • Consumer Finance

  • Debt Management

  • Education

  • Insurance (Homeowners & Auto)

  • Telecommunications

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