A real-time pre-screening solution for pre-approved credit offers

To help retail banks optimize and increase transactor, savings and borrower penetration, and as a result, deepen their customer relationships and expand profitability, Equifax offers a Prescreen of One—a real-time prescreening solution for pre-approved credit offers. Prescreen of One provides a complete picture of a consumer’s financial capacity that helps expand services beyond the deposit account. The solution works by integrating market-leading credit and ability-to-pay insight within the existing interface used by retail banking sales associates. Overdraft protection, credit card, auto financing and HELOC offers are delivered to the same screen as the deposit account decision - seamlessly streamlining offers at the new accounts deck, call center or online. <br> <br> <b>The Prescreen of One API does not deliver a decision. Contact your technology consultant for proper design and access.
Identify Revenue Opportunities in Real-Time

Maximize the value of deposit accounts or prescreen offers by ensuring associates can access relevant consumer credit scores and upgrade recommendations within your user interface

Efficient Process = Increased ROI

Easily integrates into existing banking system with minimal IT support for improved profitability

Integrated Insights

Improve credit decisioning by seamlessly integrating direct access to consumers with full or thin credit files

Key Features
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      Access decisioning information for demand deposit accounts (DDA) and prescreened offers for additional services in seconds

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      Affordable, pre-packaged delivery options or complex multi-tiered strategies provide a simple and affordable process upgrade

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      Automatically pre-populates the data provided during the initial account set up to expedite the return of decision

Use Cases
Prescreen of One is for businesses that want to:
  • Identify credit-worthy consumers with high potential lifetime value.

  • Create highly-targeted campaigns by marketing to consumers that fit your prospect profile.

  • Extend the right offers when consumers are ready to buy.

Prescreen of One is for:
  • Banking & Lending when making firm offers of credit to consumers

  • Auto, Communications, Insurance when making offers of loans and service to consumers

  • Director of Marketing, Credit & Risk Management, Compliance Officer, and Fraud Managers

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