Streamline the way consumers make online payments with a frictionless experience that minimizes manual entry

<p>InstaTouch Pay is a payment enablement tool that retrieves consumer credit card information from a consumer’s credit file in real time, populates that information in a payment or profile form for consumer selection, and checks the validity of the credit information.</p>
Improved Customer Payment Experience

Instant access to a pick list of active credit cards, including private label credit cards that can be used for payment without the hassle of entering multiple data points on a digital device

Reduced Abandonment

Limited key entry allows the consumer to complete their transaction with ease, driving more sales for the business

Limited Risk

By accessing a consumer’s credit file in real time, a business can have more confidence that only active cards belonging to the consumer are presented, which reduces the likelihood of a decline or the use of stolen or counterfeited cards. Reduces chargebacks and card-not-present fraud

Key Features
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      Uses verified identity to present up-to-date reported credit card(s)

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      Real-time credit file access – data is retrieved from a credit file in real time, ensuring that the most up-to-date reported credit card information is available

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      PCI compliant – encrypted transition of masked credit card data that meets PCI Compliance standards

Use Cases
InstaTouch Pay is for businesses that want:
  • To instantly retrieve up-to-date credit card information from a consumer’s credit file at the time of digital transaction
  • To improve the consumer experience by presenting the consumer with a “pick-list” of their active credit cards to select and populate with one-touch
  • To check the validity of the credit card information being used by cross-referencing with consumer’s credit file in real-time

InstaTouch Pay is used for:
  • Banking and Lending: loan down-payments, paying processing fees
  • Mortgage: Paying for home inspection online
  • Cable & Pay TV: Paying monthly bill online, down-payments and new purchases 
  • Retailers: Making a payment online for a purchase
  • Auto: Pre-payment for services 
  • Insurance: Paying monthly premium or paying deductible on a claim

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