Simplify digital transactions by drastically reducing the required consumer data input

<p>InstaTouch ID provides real-time, verified consumer identification to help provide faster, more profitable mobile transactions. It instantly identifies the device user by validating the mobile number and cross-referencing partner data with Equifax data and analytics. Then it can automatically pre-populate form fields presented on the consumer’s mobile device to significantly reduce data entry and accelerate the transaction process.</p>
Improved Experience and Reduced Abandonment

Auto-filled personal information simplifies the generally tedious process of having to enter multitudes of data on a digital device

Improved Identity Data and Insights

Verified consumer information gives businesses the deep insights they need to help enhance the consumer experience, streamline acquisition workflows and optimize supplemental offers

Identify Potential Fraud

Consumers are automatically identified and verified at the point of acquisition, helping to mitigate risk and pull out potentially fraudulent requests

Key Features
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      Auto-fills personal information into mobile and online forms with verified consumer data

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      Set confidence and risk scores to flag potential high-risk customers

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      Validates the mobile number and cross references partner data with Equifax data sources for consumer identification

Use Cases
InstaTouch ID is for businesses that want:
  • To streamline their digital acquisition process by automatically populating the consumer’s personal information into required form fields minimizing manual data entry
  • A way to identify and authenticate the unknown consumer at the time of account acquisition to help mitigate potential fraud for more profitable digital transactions

InstaTouch ID is for:
  • Banking and Lending: New account openings / consumer onboarding, credit applications
  • Cable & Pay TV: Applications for new service
  • Retailers: e-Commerce, online shopping
  • Mortgage (HELOC): Line of credit applications
  • Auto: Auto loan applications
  • Insurance: Applications for coverage

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