Streamline and improve social service eligibility determinations by automating verifications via a single API

Automating the eligibility verification process throughout the benefit life cycle with data-driven insights alleviates reduces burdens on applicants and caseworkers, maximizes process efficiencies, and helps protect the integrity of public benefit programs. Instant Client Insights™ for Eligibility is designed to streamline the eligibility verification process throughout the benefit lifecycle by providing data-driven insights that can be seamlessly integrated within existing workflows or used to improve client service. By combining Equifax’s unique and proprietary data sources, social service agencies gain instant access to financial and non-financial data elements to enable timely decision-making.
Enhanced view of applicant

Access to unique data sets such as employment, financial assets, address, and incarceration provides broader situational picture of applicants.

Improved client experience

Reduces burden on caseworkers and applicants with a system-first approach that helps speed the eligibility determination process.

Consistency and reduced risk exposure

Standardized verification process = decreased risk of inaccurate information reported.

Key Features
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      Single source delivery of multiple data sets to improve operational effectiveness and efficiency.

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      Real-time delivery of current data insights to assist with individual program requirements.

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      Scalable solution that can be configured to address requirements for multiple programs and flexibility to seamlessly integrate within existing workflows.

Use Cases
Instant Client Insights is for government agencies that want to:
  • Reap the benefits of automation, including reduced operating costs, lower demands on staff, and fewer processing errors.
  • Improve client experience by enabling 24/7 online access, reducing documentation and reporting requirements, and decreasing the time it takes to make an eligibility decision.
  • Use richer data to enhance program integrity and reduce payment, case and procedural errors.

Instant Client Insights is for government agencies that:
  • Determine eligibility of individuals and household members for benefits including medical, nutrition and housing assistance.
  • Administer unemployment insurance claims.
  • Set or modify child support orders, or locate non-custodial parents.

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