Monitor case portfolios for changes in income, employment, address, incarceration status or death

Instant Client Insights Case Monitor helps social service agencies verify ongoing program eligibility and improve service delivery, by monitoring client portfolios for relevant changes in income, employment, address, death and incarceration status. With a flexible design that can be integrated directly into case management, eligibility or enrollment systems, ICI Case Monitor enables agencies to define and set monitoring criteria based on their program requirements, and to retrieve change alerts according to their own daily, weekly or monthly processes. This enables customers to control the frequency, type and number of alerts they receive, and to use alerts to automate processing workflows or to notify workers about changes that may impact eligibility or could be used to improve client service, such as new phone numbers or addresses.
Improve efficiency

An Equifax private solution configured for a specific internal purpose.

Minimize enrollment churn

Boost client experience and improve continuity of benefits by identifying address, income, employment, or incarceration status changes, reducing gaps in assistance.

Reduce overhead and total cost of ownership

Minimize the manual burden on caseworkers of monitoring for incarceration or death events.

Key Features
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      Monitor for changes at the individual or case level, using configurable alert thresholds, to limit alerts to “actionable” events

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      Income and employment data from The Work Number®, the largest centralized commercial repository of payroll information in the United States

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      Contact Complete™ delivers new names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and death indicators using multisource data

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      Monitors for incarceration events in over 2,800 jails and correctional facilities using the nation’s largest near real-time incarceration data network

Use Cases
Instant Client Insights Case Monitor is for government agencies that want to:
  • Enhance service delivery, case management and program integrity by promptly identifying relevant changes in income, employment, address, death or incarceration that may affect household eligibility, without overburdening workers with “false positive” alerts that aren’t actionable.
  • Improve client experience and procedural compliance by finding new addresses, phone numbers and email addresses to help make sure that renewal forms, change requests and other client communications are deliverable.
  • Reap the benefits of automation, including reduced operating costs, lower demands on staff, and fewer processing errors.

Instant Client Insights Case Monitor is for:
  • Social Services: Determining continued eligibility of individuals and household members for benefits including medical, nutrition and housing assistance.
  • Unemployment Insurance: Administering unemployment insurance claims.
  • Child Support: Modifying child support orders or locating non-custodial parents.

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