The first line of defense in detecting potential fraud risks

<p>Online alerting system which alerts customers to known or potentially fraudulent information included in the inquiry on account applications. Helps protect businesses from identity fraud with alerts to quickly spot identity components that may indicate synthetic identity fraud or identity theft. The alerts can be used to assist in identifying who you are doing business with, as part of your KYC and Red Flag process.</p>
Helps Minimize Risk

Provides a first line of defense to help protect your business by quickly spotting fraudulent identity components

Helps to Detect Fraud

Can be used to detect identity red flags and determine if the identity presented is real or synthetic

Key Features
    • circled-check

      Receive an alert code or verbiage indicating identity red flags

    • circled-check

      Choose the number of Identity Scan Alerts returned

    • circled-check

      Suppress certain alerts

Use Cases
The FraudIQ® Identity Scan Alert is for businesses that need to:
  • Leverages more than a dozen up-to-date public and proprietary database sources to help effectively detect potential identity theft
  • Facilitates compliance with USA PATRIOT Act Red Flag

FraudIQ® Identity Scan Alert is for:
  • Financial Institutions (banks, credit unions, finance companies, retailers, leasing companies, insurance companies, brokerage firms)
  • Automotive Lenders and Dealers
  • Telecommunications and Utilities
  • Healthcare (hospitals)
  • Mortgage Lenders

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