Verify an individual's identity using face and liveness detections with mobile biometrics

<p>Document Verification is a multi-level approach to starting consumer relationships off right by verifying customers have known identities and are more likely who they say they are, helping to incrementally increase confidence in identity validity. A consumer’s Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and device presented can be combined with Document Verification’s biometric authentication, using a selfie photo and/or liveness check.</p>
Multi-Level Validation
  • Incrementally increases confidence in identity validity
  • Built to conform to all geographies* and channels including online, call center and in-person
  • Initiates identity validation with as little as a mobile phone number
One Global API
  • Makes connecting to back-end easy for all organizations
  • No change is required to current processes
  • Incorporates leading AI, machine-learning and biometric technologies
  • Requires no investment in hardware
Key Features
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      Verifies identity through mobile capture and facial recognition.

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      Real-time features include: Document Validation (driver’s licenses, state-issued ID cards, temporary IDs - 52 states; and five US territories), Face Scan/Match and Liveness Detection.

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      Runs between 10 to 50 unique forensic tests and a liveness check in seconds to help determine authenticity of a government-issued document.

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      Consumers don’t have to physically show proof of identity as all interaction is via their mobile phone.

Use Cases
Document Verification enables customers to instill security controls and more robust identity proofing routines for a variety of businesses, including:
  • Financial Services: Helps business to mitigate risk for consumers applying for bank accounts/loans
  • Telecommunication & Digital Media: Assesses risk associated with verifying customers identities when opening online payment accounts
  • Mortgage: Helps business to mitigate risk associated with verifying consumer’s identity and identification applying for a mortgage
  • Rental/Property Management: Verifies a consumer prior to showing them a rental property
  • Auto Dealers & Lenders: Validates consumers identities when applying for auto lease/loans/car rentals
  • Government: Verifies and assists with identity proofing of consumers seeking benefits and services

Document Verification is for:
  • Chief Fraud / Risk Officer: KPIs based on fraud losses
  • Line of Business / P&L Owner: Focuses on revenue and income, with emphasis on implementing innovation
  • Head of Consumer Exp / Marketing VP: Focused on frictionless interactions of consumers to ensure fast process


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