Gain real-time insight into consumers with limited credit history

ChexAdvisor is a real-time offering of alternative bank data (score and attributes). Complement credit underwriting to strengthen the existing process and include the credit-challenged, thin-to-no file and non-prime consumer population.
Instant Access to Banking Behavior Data

Gain insight into consumers with a thin-file, limited account history and experience, by reviewing their bank behavior with real-time data

Helps Minimize Risk

Identify consumers with a history of fraud closures, forced closures, or history of returned checks

Score more intelligently

Know the likelihood of a consumer’s account being forcibly closed

Key Features
    • circled-check

      Provides approximately 400 unique attributes and demand deposit risk score linked to consumer’s banking behavior

    • circled-check

      Offers real-time glimpse into consumer’s forced closures or fraud flagged bank accounts

    • circled-check

      Offers robust match rates on traditional credit segments

Use Cases
ChexAdvisor is for business that want to:
  • Extend offers to a wider universe of consumers

  • Increase debit and credit approvals without increasing risk

  • Gain insight on the underserved consumer by augmenting their existing decision criteria with our unique new data

ChexAdvisor is for:
  • Banking and Lending
  • Cable & Pay TV
  • Lease-to-Own/Rent-to-Own
  • Retailers
  • Auto
  • Short-Term Loan
  • Installment Loans

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