Verify bank account ownership, income, assets, expense and cash flow

Cashflow Insights is an FCRA-compliant solution that provides consumer-permissioned access to bank and investment account data that can help expedite ACH payments, streamline income verification, and allow lenders to score more and score better with cash flow attributes that provide significant KS lift in credit decisions. </br> </br> With Cashflow Insights, consumers can grant permission to lenders to access their bank transaction data. With this insight, lenders can more confidently extend credit to consumers - especially those with thin files or no credit history. </br> </br> Cashflow Insights aggregates data across all of a consumer’s permissioned bank and investment accounts. The data is then cleansed, normalized, and categorized in a way that is easy to use in manual or automated decisions through your Loan Origination System. </br> </br> For more information, visit <a href="" target=_blank>Cashflow Insights</a> on
Underwriting - Score More, Score Better

Adding cash flow data enables underwriting of consumers with files and can improve predictive performance of models up to 21% compared using only credit data*

*Equifax study of credit card holder.

Improves Payment Experience

By expediting the process to verify bank account details such as bank account owner, bank account number, and routing number

Streamlines Income Verification

By providing net income for traditional salaried jobs and gig work when payment is directly deposited to the consumers account

Key Features
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      Access up to 95% of all US checking accounts

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      Over 1400 incomes, asset, expense and cash flow attributes

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      Name Matching logic based on Inquiry and Account info

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      Theme-able Consent UI

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      Cash flow, income, assets and other transactional data - all in a single JSON or PDF report

Use Cases
Cashflow Insights is for businesses that want:


  • To expand their credit box and/or meet financial inclusion objectives
  • To process electronic ACH, Automated Clearing House, payments
  • To validate a consumer’s ability to pay when they go through a job change, income change or other financial life events.

Cashflow Insights is for:
  • Lenders: Use permissioned bank data to score more consumers and increase  approval rates, streamline payment processing and verify income
  • Resellers and Service Providers: Leverage permissioned bank data to enhance client decisioning
  • Retailers /  e-Commerce: Financing for large ticket items
  • Small Business Lenders: Use permissioned bank and investment  data in cash flow and asset based underwriting

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