Help improve your cost-per-acquisition by 50-60% compared to a simple data list

Provides the capability to search based on various search fields (site demographics, contact, firmographics , marketability) and receive matching records and header information related to the search results.
Improve Targeting and Conversion

Leverage the B2bConnect™ database to gain visibility into your customers and prospects to improve future marketing efforts

Understand Your Customer

Identify the traits of your best customers and create a “best customer profile,” and apply these characteristics to other prospects to target optimal revenue-generating opportunities

Focus on the Right Business

Verify business information on new and existing customers

Key Features
    • circled-check

      Obtain a list of commercial prospects by filtering on 100+ available attributes

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      Capability to export the details of the result

Use Cases
B2BConnect Directory Search is for businesses that want to:
  • Generate sales lead lists

  • Enrich existing customer data

B2BConnect Directory Search is used for:
  • All industries: identify new prospects

  • All industries: Get greater insights on current customers and prospect

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