Simplify the mortgage application process with streamlined asset verifications

<p>Asset View streamlines verifications for both lenders and borrowers making the mortgage process easy and efficient.&nbsp; Borrowers are required to register and securely link their asset accounts on the consumer portal enabling digital asset verification directly with borrowers’ financial institutions.</p>
Improve mortgage risk decisions

Digital asset verification helps improve performance by providing real time up to date data on account balances before closing.

Improve borrower experience

Simplify the application process for your borrower by accessing bank transaction data digitally instead of manually requesting and gathering hard copy documents.

Efficient processing and quick turn times

Automates and streamlines the verification process by delivering results in seconds with minimal input

Meet closing deadlines

Updating or adding additional accounts makes changes quick and easy for both lenders and borrowers to help keep closing dates on track.

Key Features
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      Accesses consumer consented asset data from thousands of financial institutions.

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      Provides real time consumer asset data to lenders for validating mortgage applications.

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      Consumer report data that may be used for home purchase and refinance application for credit evaluations.

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      Easy to use for consumers and mobile ready.

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      Unlimited refresh on account balances for up to 60 days providing the most up to date data.

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      Bank, investment, 401k accounts and more may be available.

Use Cases
Asset View is for mortgage lenders that want to:
  • Validate bank account ownership.
  • Verify asset account balances for funds to close.
  • Review 60 days of account transactions.
  • Monitor cash flow to mitigate repayment risk.
  • Validate earnest money.
  • Verify 12 months of rental payment history.
  • Reduce portfolio risk.

Asset View Data is a consumer report under the FCRA and is used for:
  • Banks: Home purchase and refinances.
  • Mortgage lenders and brokers: Home purchases and refinances.

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