Lower total cost of ownership with a streamlined anti-money laundering compliance service

<p>AML Connect is a complete managed service and cloud hosted AML and KYC solution from FICO and Equifax which can be integrated via standard interfaces and can scale to meet any size customer. It offers capabilities to provide know-your-customer (KYC) and transaction screening and monitoring services. This strategic partnership between two market leading software companies with industry leading services and data assets will solve customer challenges across the compliance and regulatory lifecycle to ensure smooth onboarding and an improved customer experience.</p>
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End to end AML Solution

Strong differentiated data asset combined with market leading technology offering KYC screening and monitoring as well as payment transaction monitoring capabilities

AML Connect_Benefits-2
Secure, scalable cloud based solution

Easy integration via standard interfaces. Offers variety of integration method – API’s/Batch

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Reduced false positives

Advanced matching logic as well as level One false positive review by human analysts (optional)

Key Features
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      Cloud hosted AML Solution, providing real time and batch screening and ongoing portfolio monitoring

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      Comprehensive and configurable data assets covering global watchlists, PEPS, Adverse Media and additional data sources

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      Level one False Positive Review based on customer’s compliance requirements

Use Cases
AML Connect is for businesses that need to:
  • Watchlist, PEPS, Adverse Media and additional source  screening to ensure customers are not exposed to criminal risk or inadvertently facilitate financial crime, and comply with AML and KYC regulations to avoid heavy fines or loss of their license
  • Board customers in real time to cater to changing consumer expectation and market pressure
  • Managed KYC services to reduce compliance costs
  • Monitor the portfolio on an ongoing basis for any changes to the watchlist data

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