Provides access to a consumer's self-reported employment and income data

Take advantage of the option to use Alternative Data with instant access to self-reported data from the consumer as reported to Equifax. Self-reported (stated) Employment and/or Income data can help provide insight into the consumers potential employment and income history.
Provides third party insight

Get third-party insight into consumer employment and/or income information

Allows for additional due diligence

Use stated data to help confirm information you received from the consumer

Minimize Risk

Comparing consumer provided data may alert you to discrepancies for further verification

Key Features
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      Provides insight when no record is available ("no hit") for a consumer on The Work Number database

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      Utilizes data provided by consumers to Equifax

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      Offers additional insight into applicants

Use Cases
Alternative Employment and Income Data is for business that need to:
  • Determine applicant ability-to-pay
  • Validate applicant provided employment and/or income
  • Determine if additional research into applicant employment and/or income is needed

Alternative Employment and Income Data is for users within the following verticals:
  • Auto
  • Card
  • Consumer Finance
  • Debt Management
  • Education
  • Emerging Markets
  • Insurance
  • Telecommunication

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