Authenticates bank account and credit card information presented by consumer

<p>Account Verification helps businesses to mitigate risk by verifying both the consumer’s identity and that the active credit card or bank account is associated with that consumer.</p>
Helps reduce risk of chargebacks

Manage CNP activity by validating linkage of the consumer’s identity with the credit card or bank account information as an authorized user when the consumer is not present.

Streamline payments

Real-time verification can help to expedite and streamline the payment process before payments are accepted.

Flexible payment options

Provides the customer flexibility in choosing to use a credit card or bank account for payment options.

Key Features
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      Matches credit card or bank account information with a consumer’s verified PII in real-time which may result in higher conversion rates to purchase goods and services

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      Validates the authenticity of payment details by cross-referencing the credit card or bank account entered by the consumer

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      Offers real-time match of the consumer identity and credit card or bank account provided by the consumer

Use Cases
Account Verification is for businesses that want to:
  • Address three driving questions:
    • Is the consumer real?
    • Is the account/card real?
    • Is the consumer an authorized user of the account/card?
  • Verify the account number presented by a consumer and that the consumer is an authorized user.
  • Help mitigate chargebacks for card-not-present fraud (CNP).

Account Verification is used for:
  • Financial Services: Mitigate risk for payments associated with new account openings or loans.
  • Telecommunication & Digital Media: Assess risk associated with paying monthly online bills, down payments, and new purchases.
  • Retailers: Reduce risk of chargebacks for consumers making a payment or purchase online.
  • Auto Dealers & Lenders: Accept a credit card and/or bank account with confidence for vehicle down payments.
  • Insurance: Minimize payment risk for monthly premiums, and paying deductibles on claims.
  • Rental/Property Management: Make deposit and monthly rent payments through bank account and accept credit cards.
  • Government: Support deeper level of consumer verification while collecting payments.

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