InstaTouch® Suite

Digital Consumer Interaction

Simplifies the way consumers and businesses interact digitally - consumer identity, form pre-fill, targeted offers, employment verification and more.

Talent Report™ Employment

Pre-Employment ID Verification and Work History

Verify your candidate’s employment history and identity to inform your hiring decision.

Talent Report™ ID

Pre-Employment Identity Verification

Verify your candidate’s identity plus uncover additional counties for use in criminal searches.

The Work Number® ID

Consumer Identity Validation

Verify Identity of Credit or Service Applicants Instantly.

Verification Exchange™

Income & Employment Verification

Streamlined exchange of consumer employment and income information

Verification of Education Suite

GradVerify (GV), GradVerify+ (GV+) and Enrollment Verify (EV)

Verifies someone’s enrollment, graduation, and/or degree information at the college level through three types of verification options.