Verifies employment, stated employment, education, and identity.

Talent Report™ Express provides employment history, identity history, and confirms education in a single report. It costs one fee per fulfillment and includes SSN validation.


Instant Access to Verified Candidate Data
Receive instant access to quickly verify employment history sourced from The Work Number database. With access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can quickly verify employment history, degrees awarded and confirm identity history without the need for manual processes.
Strength of The Work Number Database
The Work Number® database has experienced unprecedented contributor growth resulting in 700K+ contributors and over 105M active records, including the addition of 670K+ small business records in the past year. This growth provides a single, comprehensive report with greater coverage that quickly meets your client’s verification needs. And with an average of 3.8 employment history records returned for inquiries submitted to The Work Number in the last 2 months, you can further operationalize and keep efficiencies high.
Holistic View of the Candidate
Our goal is to help you better meet the needs of end-user employer clients with a holistic view of the candidate. Employers who conduct Pre-Employment Verifications can confirm a candidate’s current job status, see previous professional experience, and detect inconsistencies and omissions in self-reported information.

Key Features

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      By entering SSN, first name, last name, DOB, and educational institution, employers can gain access to Talent Report™ Express.
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      We have bundled Talent Report Employment, Talent Report ID, and Education in a single report. While all offerings are currently available individually today in Consolidated Storefront (CSF), this bundled offering will provide instant access to a single, comprehensive report leveraging verified data from The Work Number database.

Use Cases

Talent Report™ Express is for businesses that need to:
  • Automate the manual process involved with verifying: Employment history, Identity history and education.
  • Make prompt, more informed decisions during the hiring process
  • Gain a more complete picture of a candidate’s employment, education and identity history (including SSN validation).

Talent Report™ Express is for:
  • Background Screeners; Reseller: Customers’ new hire packages
  • Direct Employers: New hire verification needs

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