Verify your candidate’s employment history and identity to inform your hiring decision

Talent Report™ Employment from Equifax offers a reliable solution for background screeners to validate a job candidate’s current and previous employers using The Work Number®. In addition, verify the candidate’s identity plus uncover additional key data for use in state and county criminal history searches.


Automated Screening Process
Single request provides consolidated background check reporting for identity and employment verifications without the need to manually collect and assimilate disparate data sources.
Reliable and Validated
Instead of relying on the candidate’s self-reported information, Talent Report provides the breadth and depth of validated, Equifax data sources.
Streamlined Reporting
Ability to pick and choose which data elements are returned for a more clean, useable view.

Key Features

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      Employment verification includes employment status, hire/termination dates, total length of service and position titles.
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      Identity validation includes SSN, List of Known Aliases, Death Master Flag, Identity and Fraud Alerts.
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      Home address history and counties of interest is time-stamped and sequential.

Use Cases

Talent Report is used for businesses that want:
  • To run a background check for a potential job candidate.
  • A way to verify a candidate’s identity and employment history.
  • To conduct criminal check on all locations the candidate has lived or worked.
  • To rely on a single source that’s credible and up-to-date for background screenings.

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