Offer an easy engagement experience for consumers who would otherwise abandon credit searches

PQO1 allows consumers to check what offers for which they may qualify without a hard inquiry on their credit. From the lender prospective, this is a sales tool that further encourages the consumer to apply for a credit product once they are prequalified.
Strengthen Customer Engagement
Engage digitally with consumers to better build brand loyalty, capture cross-sell opportunities and increase “stickiness”
Enhance Customer Experience
Create a more positive user experience for consumers by presenting relevant prequalification options at the right time
Help Reduce Abandonment
Help reduce consumer abandonment by allowing consumers to prequalify for products based on a self-identified need
Key Features
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      Easy set up
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      Direct connection to Equifax ACRO Direct or Interconnect
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      Highly configurable, and can offer either simple or end-to-end solutioning
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      Real-time processing can be initiated in person, through a call center, at point-of-sale (POS), Online and more

Use Cases
Prequalification of One is for businesses that need to:
  • Encourage consumers to apply for credit product based on prequalification

Types of businesses and industries that use Prequalification of One include:
  • Bankcard
  • Automotive
  • Mortgage
  • Personal Finance
  • Online Marketers

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