Lower friction and amplify your CX by allowing consumers to complete a full credit application without impact to their credit score. Once the consumer accepts the pre-approved offer, the consumer will be underwritten and a hard inquiry will be posted.

Pre-Approval of One allows consumers to initiate an application for credit with no impact to their credit score. Lender evaluates applicant’s creditworthiness and offers a commitment to lend, subject only to collateral requirements or conditions. A hard inquiry will be posted if the consumer moves forward with taking the pre-approved offer and meets the conditional credit requirements.
Help Reduce Consumer Abandonment
Create a single, low-friction experience for credit seekers as well as credit applicants
Streamline the PII Ingest Process
Help boost take rates by collecting all the information that you need to underwrite the consumer at the time of ingest
Increase Stickiness
Establish consumer expectations and acknowledging they are valued by reducing their time commitment in the application process
Key Features
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      Easy set up
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      Direct connection to Equifax ACRO Direct or Interconnect
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      Highly configurable, and can offer either simple or end-to-end solutioning
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      Real-time processing to enable a digital use case

Use Cases
Pre-Approval of One helps lenders align with consumers by:
  • Enabling  a consumer experience that streamlines a pre-approved offer and application in a single process.
  • Consumers can apply and get underwritten in under 2 minutes
  • Consumer can determine their acceptance or declination of a credit product without impact to their credit

Pre-Approval of One is for:
  • Banking and Lending: Financial services extending firm offer of credit 
  • Retailers: e-Commerce marketing (pull methodology), online shopping new account openings
  • Mortgage (HELOC): Line of credit applications
  • Auto: Auto loan applications

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