Help mitigate fraud using Luminate - our premier real-time, adaptive, identity fraud solution

Luminate™ is a real-time, adaptive, identity fraud solution that uses advanced analytics, machine learning and data orchestration to effectively assess potential fraud on new accounts. These insights are able help businesses mitigate fraud, pull through additional revenue, and increase operational efficiency. <br> <br>The Luminate™ FraudRisk API is a single access point for businesses allowing you to securely send and receive data from Equifax to gauge the fraud risk associated with a consumer application. The API returns a fraud score and a recommendation (For ex. Accept, Review, Reject) that the customer is able to auto decision on based on their risk tolerance. Included in the Luminate outputs are reason codes based on contributing factors to the fraud score.
Help Catch Fraud
Harness the power of machine learning and iterative analytics to help manage fraud decisions, as well as reduce false positives, manual reviews and operational fraud risks.
Improve Consumer Experience
Simplify, clarify and increase speed of identity verification matching and authentication for reduced friction, increased acceptance rates and a consistent consumer experience.
Maximize Efficiency
Leverage existing data/technology investments (both internal and external) to orchestrate, connect and augment as needed.
Key Features
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      Prebuilt NAO solution: All customers receive prebuilt set of rules, signals and NAO model, which are customizable according to their business risk tolerance.
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      Data-lake capabilities: Quickly ingest big data in volume, velocity and diversity from across the customer’s business, from Equifax and from third party partners to generate meaningful fraud and risk insights.
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      Device Intelligence: Analyze hundreds of mobile and desktop device characteristics and behaviors—including browser, language, location, operating system, even mobile emulation and battery level—to fingerprint devices.
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      Configurability: Rules, queues, decision strategy and user interface configurations can be customized per customer. Only the data model, schema and third party data feeds are fixed and cannot be changed. Customers receive standard prebuilt models.
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      Dashboards and Reports: A standard set of dashboards and reports for all customers.

Use Cases
Luminate™ is for businesses that need to:
  • Detect new application fraud (NAO - New Account Opening)
  • Combat Account Take-Over (ATO) fraud (Future Capability)
  • Monitor payments and transactions for potential fraud (Future Capability)

Types of businesses or industries that use Luminate™ include:
  • Financial Services (Banking, mortgage, lending...etc)
  • Communication
  • Digital Media
  • Utilities
  • Auto
  • Insurance

Individuals most likely to benefit from Luminate™:
  • Chief Fraud / Risk Officer
  • Line of Business Owner
  • VP Fraud Analytics
  • COO / Chief Operating Officer

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