Real time credit file information provides businesses with advanced insights to optimize firm offers

InstaTouch Offers uses verified identity and real-time credit file information to provide businesses with advanced insights about consumer credit capacity, which allows them to offer and cross-sell individualized, contextual-based offers to consumers at the point of digital interaction.


Personalized Customer Experience
Enables businesses to drive a more effective, contextual customer experience with prescreen offers associated with the consumer’s online search and purchase behavior.
Instant Pre-Approval
Unique digital pre-screen provides qualified shoppers with instant pre-approval of the firm offer of credit or insurance, which may be used immediately upon full credit approval.
Limited Risk
Digital application process keeps consumer from having to provide personal information to a stranger or submitting lengthy forms, helping limit vulnerability to consumer information.

Key Features

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      Ability to adjust credit or insurance offer based on consumer’s credit data.
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      Verifies consumer identity.
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      Provides for automatic consumer offer acceptance.

Use Cases

InstaTouch Offers is for businesses that want:
  • To provide more personalized online shopping experiences by targeting the right consumer with the right offer.
  • To increase consumer conversion and loyalty by presenting compelling credit card or market firm offers to qualified consumers.
  • A way to gather consumer data and insights to customize and present offers to online shoppers for a more frictionless experience.

InstaTouch Offers is for:
  • Banking and Lending: Presenting firm credit card offers.
  • Cable & Pay TV: Special finance offers.
  • Retailers: Finance offers or private label cards on the merchant website.
  • Insurance: Offering bundled products (for instance, home and auto).

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