Enables Equifax to support Payments services across all lines of business

EquiPay Payment Gateway Provides Payments services across all lines of business and also extended to customers across regions.


Secured payment gateway to payment service providers
By allowing the end user to store PII and PCI data within the Payment Service Provider.
Boost Efficiency
Save time and resources by using the library of services provided. Less to worry about maintaining compliance with all major regulations including GDPR, PSD2, and PCI DSS.
Payment gateways include security technologies like encryption and tokenization that help protect your business by keeping sensitive payment data safe and also provide access to fraud tools.
Offers business easy options to connect their e-commerce platform or credit card processing to store and process credit card transactions.

Key Features

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      Businesses can leverage payment services to process credit card transactions securely.
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      Businesses can just plug-in this payment gateway with their shopping carts, analytics services, ecommerce platforms, and billing applications to enable secure payments easily.

Use Cases

EquiPay is for businesses that need to:
  • Enables Equifax to support Payments services across all lines of business and also can extend to customers.
  • Supports Payments across regions , multi-currency and localization.
  • Supports consistent business and reporting process.
  • Transform billing and payment services into digital platforms.
  • •Digitalize Billing and Payments services to support multi-tenancy architecture.
  • Enable publicly consumable services and API’s.
  • Re-platform infrastructure and utilize AWS features to agility , real-time monitoring and auditing .

Types of businesses that use EquiPay include:
  • e-Commerce
  • Consumer onboarding for credit applications

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