Effective verification strengthens confidence in legitimacy of consumer identity

Digital Identity Trust helps to verify an identity with confidence through real-time, risk assessments of the consumer’s digital identity i.e., identity information like name, address along with their phone number, email address and digital device – either individually or layered together for a multi-factor assessment. Digital Identity Trust helps customers verify the information of consumers and mitigate fraud, enabling greater efficiency and reduced costs for delivering services.
Helps Customers Verify Identity Information Provided by the Consumer
Confirms identity legitimacy by cross-checking multiple data points
Reliable, Real-Time, Online Identity Verification
Increases ability to approve more identities
Confirms A Consumer is Who they Claim to Be
Decreases false positives
Key Features
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      Provides trust results and assessment scores of the Overall Identity, Phone Number, Email Address, Physical Address and/or Device, along with applicable reason codes.
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      Data matches and assessments are performed in real-time by referencing consumer-provided data against high-quality, up-to-date data sources to verify that the consumer’s identity is legitimate.

Use Cases
Digital Identity Trust is for businesses that want ease and convenience in:
  • Using real-time verification of the consumer’s phone number, email, address  and device either standalone or as part of a layered risk mitigation strategy.
  • Conducting passive verification checks to establish trust in the identity and digital information.
  • Obtaining additional indicators to assess potential fraud.
  • Implementing risk mitigation that can be paired with other identity solutions.
  • Reducing friction and improving consumer experience while still effectively evaluating risk.
  • Establishing trust in the consumer identity, the channels they are using and the correlating digital insights.
  • Evaluating future interactions for anomalies before instituting more friction-filled authentication measures.

Digital Identity Trust is for:
  • Financial Services - Banks and Credit Unions (credit cards, Loans, DDA)
  • Brokerages
  • Government - Federal and State
  • Utilities - Energy, Telco, Wireless
  • Retail
  • Healthcare

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