Providing your consumers with access to their single- or multi-bureau credit reports, credit scores, and credit monitoring capabilities from within your product solution empowers them to access their credit information in one place. The Consumer Data Suite not only delivers important credit information to your consumers, but can also store that data in the cloud for you. All it takes is an API request to deliver the critical credit data your consumers need to make more informed financial decisions.

While the Equifax Developer Center provides guided environment creation, deployment, and API consumption for other product APIs reposed here, the Consumer Data Suite temporarily requires a different process. Get started by reviewing the documents on the Reference tab of each product page.

Consumer Enrollment

Provide Access to Credit Products

Enable your consumers to access their single- or multi-bureau credit data within your product…

Credit Scores

Provide Credit Score Visibility

Give your consumers access to their credit scores calculated from their Equifax® credit report…

Credit Reports

Deliver Credit Reports and Summaries

Enable your consumers to access their credit reports and summaries from Equifax® or the three…

Credit Report Monitoring

Monitor Credit Report Changes

Empower your consumers by offering daily alerts when a change occurs on their Equifax® only or…