Enable consumer to unlock (unfreeze) Equifax credit report during loan application journey

<p>myEquifax Allow Access is a lender solution that enables the consumer to grant lender access to the consumer’s locked or frozen Equifax credit report during the loan origination or credit application process. myEquifax Allow Access is a web component the lender integrates on their website that launches an Equifax digital property. The consumer utilizes the myEquifax Allow Access workflow to grant temporary access to their Equifax credit report. Once access is granted, the consumer is returned to the lender website to complete the loan or credit application. The lender is notified that the Equifax credit report is available and can complete the origination process.</p>
Improves customer experience

Automates current offline processes required to access locked or frozen Equifax credit reports during loan or credit applications.

Reduces Transaction Abandonment

Enable your consumer’s to grant lender access to their Equifax credit report in real-time, without leaving the application process. The seamless user journey will reduce application abandonment.

Key Features
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      Integrates with the lender consumer application process via a web component.

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      Enables the consumer to grant access to their locked or frozen Equifax credit file without leaving the loan or credit application process.

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      Provides the lender with a notification that the consumer’s Equifax credit report is now accessible, enabling the lender to pull the Equifax credit report and complete the application process.

Use Cases
myEquifax Allow Access is for businesses that need to:
  • gain access to a consumer’s frozen or locked Equifax credit report during the lending process

myEquifax Allow Access is for:
  • Banking and Lending: New account openings / consumer onboarding, credit applications
  • Cable & Pay TV: Applications for new service
  • Retailers: e-Commerce, online shopping
  • Mortgage & HELOC: Line of credit applications
  • Auto: Auto loan applications
  • Telecom:  Applications for new service
  • Rental companies:  New applications

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