Protecting against account takeover attacks, while delivering a frictionless customer login experience

<p>Kount Control is an account protection solution that provides real-time, scalable risk decisions to protect against bots, credential stuffing, and account fraud – all while reducing friction for good customers.</p>
Stop Account Fraud

Allows businesses to customize their acceptable risk tolerance and business policies to create adaptive account protection that uses real-time decisioning to combat account takeovers and account abuse.

Actionable Intelligence

Device and account intelligence analyzes signals of trust and risk in real-time to allow, deny, or challenge the user’s login activity. Develop customized API responses to drive automation within your own tech stack to stop fraud upstream and to stop new attacks automatically, without IT intervention.

Intelligent MFA

Policy and risk driven MFA provides a no-friction environment for your good customers while keeping out threat actors; MFA options include Email and SMS.

Key Features
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      Evaluates risk and business policies to provide real-time login decisions.

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      Profiles allow for the creation of different policy sets for custom defined user groups; create global or group-defined risk and policy tolerance.

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      Customize API responses to drive internal automation, alerting, internal reports, etc.

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      In depth reporting to identify account and attack trends to enable fraud teams to adjust risk protection in real-time without IT or NOC intervention.

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      Scalable and performant to meet the rigor of highly active login and account traffic, in real-time.

Use Cases
Kount Control is for businesses that need to:
  • Protect against account takeovers
  • Provide account protection along the customer journey
  • Identify and stop credential stuffing attacks
  • Protect against high velocity transaction attacks such as card testing, loyalty abuse, PIN testing, automated sign-up attacks
  • Provide passive and stepped-up authentication
  • Deliver frictionless account login customer experiences
  • Provide rich, actionable account activity data to their internal security teams

Kount Control is used by businesses that need to:
  • Stop Account Abuse
    • Account Takeover
    • Account Sharing
    • Account Arbitrage
    • Account Triangulation
  • Stop Credential Stuffing
  • Have deep insight into trending threats against their online accounts
  • Stop high-velocity attacks in real time
    • Sign-up abuse
    • PIN testing
    • Card testing
    • Loyalty abuse

Kount Control has a strong presence in:
  • eCommerce
  • Gaming
  • Telcos
  • Loyalty Programs
  • QSRs

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